Anyone aged 6+ can climb at Highball, but only regular, competent climbers with suitable experience can climb without supervision.

Adult Beginners/Novices and young climbers (Under 18) must be closely supervised when in the centre. Supervision can be provided by a trained member of the Highball Team on a pre-booked climbing session, or an experienced adult climber*.

*An experienced adult is someone aged 18+ who is a competent and regular boulderer and/or climber i.e. they have gained, through formal training or personal experience, the appropriate knowledge to climb safely in an indoor environment without supervision.  

Junior Climbers (under 18's) are NOT permitted to supervise anyone, regardless of their experience.


Supervision Ratios

Juniors age 8+

One adult can supervise up to two guests if both guests are aged 8+. Only one supervised climber is to be climbing at any one time.


Juniors age 6 & 7

Juniors aged 6 & 7 must be supervised on a 1:1 basis.

Adult 18+ Beginners / Novices

An adult who has completed suitable registration can supervise up to 2 guests.



All supervised climbers will need to complete their registration form via Capitan - our gym management software. Where climbers are young children, the registration form will need to be completed by a parent/guardian.